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A Noite Sem Fim (1962/3), Will Tremper.

"Tempelhof Airport appear as the epitome of metropolitan life, with its grand halls, modern design, and big-city atmosphere. An aircraft's graceful landing, the opening of the plane door, the descent from the gangway to the tarmac, the flashing cameras and cheering fans – when set against the austerity of West Berlin daily life, arrivals at Tempelhof helped to revive the long-lost “glamour” of a world city.

What most captured the public's attention were the prominent film stars and directors who travelled to Berlin to take part in the annual Berlinale festival. With the motto, “Showcase of the Free World”, the West Berlin film festival was founded in 1951 on the initiative of and with the support of U.S. Allied Forces, and from 1954 on had reached a status approaching that of the Cannes or Venice film festivals. In the 1950s, summer festival days implanted an image of the city with jubilant crowds at the airport, at hotels and at performance venues, and of parades and film billboards. The photos of stars arriving at Tempelhof in those years are like a Who's Who of the Western film world. The same was true for the leading lights of the fashion world. (...) These visits, as well as those from top rock and pop music acts, such as the Rolling Stones when they played at the Waldbühne in 1965, have helped preserve a picture of the airport in people's memories to this day.

And finally, Tempelhof served as a cinematic backdrop of the Cold War. Billy Wilder's film, “A Foreign Affair” (1948), which begins with the arrival of a young congressman at Tempelhof Airport, as well as Wilder's Berlin satire, “One, Two, Three” (1961), provided images of “Berlin's Gateway to the World” for all the world to see. Will Tremper's film, “The Endless Night” (1962), made ​​the architecture of the airport into a timeless, existential transit-room, the real-life model for which West Berliners took leave of only reluctantly in September 1975".

Daqui (é verdade, nunca pensei transcrever excertos do sítio oficial de um aeroporto).

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