quinta-feira, 7 de março de 2013

damn I love hip-hop

"The Blues Got Ya", álbum Luv NY (2012). Do super-grupo inominado formado por Roc Marciano (!), Kool Keith (!!), A.G. & O.C., Kurious e Ray West (produtor).

Luv NY: das melhores coisas que Nova Iorque nos deu em 2012. Amemo-la, pois então.

"While NY is no longer the same, it remains the epicenter of a specific energy, of a music and a culture, with which entire generations grew up. The purpose here is to revive the Big Apple, which let s not forget was the reference, the driving force, and the heart of this music and this culture. NY indeed lost some of it's vigor, and it's soul, and NY rap just reflected this. Luv NY brings back to this NY where all could be done and undone at a street corner. Brings back to his energy, this atmosphere, the tale of a city which used to dictate codes, fashions and expanded its energy all over the country and the world. Far from gentrified rap, from rap that became middle-class, this is an album of unpretentious stories, unadorned stories, on etheral productions with a feel of memories of another city and other times. NY will never be the same again, let's celebrate what it used to be, let's cherish it for what it is and what it will be. And consider Luv NY as a manner of celebration". Daqui.

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