sexta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2013


Um senhor chamado Giorgio Agamben resume, em parcas e cristalinas linhas, uma série de coisas que eu penso sobre os tempos que correm:

"For if the speed of change is increasingly yet again, we will constantly be told that only people at the forefront of those technological changes can really comment on them. I would like to refuse that idea by quoting the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben: «Those who coincide too well with the epoch, those who are perfectly tied to it in very respect, are not contemporaries precisely because they do not manage to see it... The ones who can call themselves contemporary are only those who do not allow themselves to be blinded»".

Nick James, "Children of the evolution" (Editorial), in Sight & Sound, Volume 23, Issue 8, BFI, August 2013, p. 5.

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