segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2014

that's all you care about

"The Venice conclusion is masquerading as a simplistic ending, and today feels like an outgrowth of what the movie's implying for a lot of its run time: it takes some blinders to love, some dumb luck to make it through middle age, and some willed ignorance to avoid imploding from the realization that things don't get easier when you're older. You never feel that much wiser, and that when something hurts, it just hurts, and that's all you know about it. When it feels good, it feels good, and that’s all you care about". 

Nathan Gelgud, "A later look at love: Blume in Love", in New York Film Review, February 23, 2007 (disponível aqui).

Isto é o tipo de coisa em que venho pensando (e sentindo) desde os meus 19, 20 anos.

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